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Friday, March 6, 2009

How to care for Tulips

from website of Ontario Lung Association - Tulip Care

Cut Tulips:
Here are just a few suggestions at getting the most bloom for your buck when purchasing or receiving cut tulips:

1. Remove any foliage (leaves) from the part of the stem that will be under water in the vase.
2. Cut white portion of the stem off, this helps for better water intake.
3. Change water frequently, the key to a long lasting cut tulip is clean fresh water and a lot of it.
4. Re-cut stems ever 4 to 5 days by removing only 1”. This will help to encourage the intake of water.
5. The cooler the room the longer your blooms will last.
6. Check water in the vase frequently.

Remember, tulips will always grow towards the light, potted or cut.

Home Remedy: Many believe that placing a penny in the water will prevent tulips from bolting. This has shown some improvements but always remember the key is clean, fresh water.

Potted Tulips:

1. In your home place in bright indirect light. Keep your potted tulip away from any heat sources such as heating vents, stereos and never place on top of a TV.
2. Set on a saucer, you don’t want the water seeping onto your furniture.
3. Keep moist but not too wet. Every other day watering is fine.
4. Fertilizing is not needed.
5. If you want to slow down the flowering period, place in a cool room. If you need your tulip to last for a specific occasion lets say Saturday reducing the heat and light will allow you to time it perfectly.

What do you do when it’s done flowering???

Place in the compost pile or plant in the garden after frost. However most forced tulip bulbs will not flower again but it’s always worth a try!!!

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