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Wednesday, May 20, 2009

At The Keg Mansion for a Superb Creepy Dinner

My husband for so long wanted to bring me to a special dinner. And he purposely liked to go on a steakhouse for his love of steak. Brought me here at the Keg Mansion located near the corner of Jarvis and Wellesley. Though a bit creepy I didn't know it was as they say haunted, until I read the history on the leaflets the receptionists are giving to guests.

While waiting for food we took some pictures inside the restroom where they say it was. Though I was feeling a little bit creepy. I don't ever want some ghost encounters of that kind just want to take pictures for memorabilias.

Anyways overall I really enjoyed the dinner. Price is a little above range but the serving and the delicious food speaks well worth it. Plus the superb service. And a little side trip of creepiness. It definitely is a recommended place for dinner. Moreso for the steaklovers.

My choice is the SIRLOIN & DUNGENESS CRAB and for my husband the NEW YORK CLASSIC.

A little piece of history courtesy of www.jarvismansiondistrict.com :
Located at 515 Jarvis StreetThe Keg Mansion, formerly known as Euclid Hall is a prominent heritage building in downtown Toronto, Canada. The structure was originally built in 1868 by Arthur McMaster, nephew of the prominent businessman William McMaster. At the time Jarvis Street was one of the wealthiest parts of Toronto and the street was lined by large manors. The house was set back from the street and surrounded by large gardens.

In 1880 it was purchased by Hart Massey and his wife who had just returned to Toronto from Cleveland. The building was named Euclid Hall by Massey's granddaughter Lillian, after Euclid Street in Cleveland. The Masseys expanded the house and added greenhouses outside. Hart Massey's sons bought homes surrounding the manor. To the north his son Chester D. Massey built the home where Hart's grandchildren Vincent and Raymond were raised.

As the area became more urban the Masseys left, and various commercial operations moved into the area. The manor served as the first home of Toronto radio station CFRB in the 1920s and was home to an art gallery for several decades until 1960. It then became a restaurant named Julie's Mansion. The grounds were sold off and the greenhouses demolished and replaced with a service station. In the 1970s it became home to a The Keg franchise, and it was renamed the Keg Mansion.

Check out this website for some creepy story about the Keg Mansion:
The Toronto and Ontario Ghosts and Hauntings Research Society : The Keg Mansion Submitted Creepy Stories
Spezzo Ristorante - Richmond Hill


Daisy said...

Ooh wow! Looks so delish! And the way you described the ambiance is so inviting! Now I feel hungry... ha!

Anonymous said...

It wasn't until I read this post that I discovered you lived in the GTA! Would you consider adding your fine blog to my "Best Blogs of the GTA" directory?



Mimi said...

@torontocitylife: Cool would be very glad to do it. I visited torontocitylife but never thought I could add up my own blog in the BLOG menu area. Thanks for the invite ... I'll add it up.

Margaret said...

Thanks for the recommendation. We visit Canada frequently so this is definitely a place we will dine in.

LIZZIE said...

The lighting of the mansion (from the picture) looks beautiful. Plus, the food looks absolutely delicious. I wouldn't mind going to this place, that is, if I have the money to fly across the ocean.. *^_~*

Mimi said...

@Daisy,@Margaret,@Lizzie: Thanks for the comment. Yeah steaks here are really good and the crab legs are yummy too.

Ori said...

I wish I could visit it, would be cool too if the ghosts made appearance. Would be a more memorable experience :))

Mimi said...

@Ori: Yeah it would be really cool but on second thoughts hahaha! maybe no way cooler. It would pull all the hair out of me. Thanks for dropping by.

Rob said...

The food looks delicious there.

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