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Thursday, April 23, 2009

Anoop No for the Top 5

Anoop says on Idol he's disappointed on not making it. My heart goes for him as well, a bit disappointed too because he's one of my favorite on the American Idols.

I'm right on my hunches last week that based from what the judges say I know who would be eliminated today. There's voting but still the judges dominates and guides the audience on the voting scheme. Last week when Simon commented if there's going to be one worth saving on the bottom three ( Lil, Matt, and Anoop) he said there is one. And it's obvious they want Matt on the Top 5 list when they saved him. Matt is also a good singer but that was his worst performance when he tries so hard to sing "Have You Ever Loved A Woman" he really ruined the song belting it out on that higher keys.

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