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Friday, December 5, 2008

Starbucks vs Tim Horton's

In the Philippines Starbucks is way popular, I also am a fan of Starbucks however mostly Frap's that are caffeine-free. I have tried their coffee and other Frap's but I usually get a buzz in my head just for only a small cup. I can't blame myself sometimes coffee really tastes great.

Here in Toronto , Starbucks and Tim Horton's are the 2 popular coffee shops. However Tim Horton's or Timmy as they call it is more popular and marketable to the public. It's a little bit cheaper but suits your craving for a nice smooth coffee and it doesn't have that high caffeine content. So for now I'm a Timmy one... suits my taste especially in this coming winter season. Status quo or mediocrity , it's what your preference on coffee that counts.

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